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Placing a Classified Advertisement Online:

To place a classified ad online, simply click on "place an ad" located on the top menu bar of any page in the site and follow Steps 1 through 4 as directed.

Classified Advertisement Pricing

As of January 1, 2014 our Classified Ad pricing is as follows:

Print & Online Pricing

Line length = 36 characters

Minimum Ad Duration and Size = 1 week and 3 lines = $48

Ad Title required and counts as 1 line
Each additional line added in print = $6
Additional Text added for "online only" = no charge
Blind Box = $8 per week

Discount Structure for Duration of print ad:

5%2-4 weeks
10%5-12 weeks
15%13-25 weeks
20%26 weeks or more

Online Only Pricing

2 weeks: $60
4 weeks: $90
6 weeks: $115
8 weeks: $135
10 weeks or more: $170

STEP # 1 - Select a Category and Ad Type

Click on the pull down selection provided and pick the category that best suits your product or service. If your category is not shown, please select "Miscellaneous" and make a note in the "Special Instructions and Comments" field and we will review your new category recommendation at the end of each quarter, and add new categories that you, and other customers, are requesting most.

Ad Type
WineIndustry.com Classifieds offers two distinct options for promoting your ad: Print and Online (most popular), or Online Only. The Print and Online Only option is priced specifically by the size of the ad you've written (number of lines) and the duration of run time in our weekly publication. In contrast, the Online Only option is priced by length of time you'd like your ad to run.

Blind Box
Including a "Blind Box" in your advertisement allows you to advertise and receive responses anonymously. All responses are sent to, and received by, our administration department and held confidentially. The fee of $8 per week covers our cost for collecting your responses and sending them to you at least once per week. In addition, the blind box address and directions, printed in the ad, will automatically add an additional cost for 2 lines to your "Print & Online" advertisement.

*Step # 2 - Create an Ad and Verify Content

Ad Title
A clear and concise ad title will aid the searcher and draw attention to your advertisement. The ad title counts as an additional line for pricing purposes and will also be included in both the print publication and online. Maximum length is 36 characters.

Ad Text
When writing your ad text, please be sure to include all information necessary so that the reader can contact you with ease and has a clear understanding of what product or service you are advertising. Don't be afraid to be creative. Some of our most successful ads are imaginative and funny. This information is published on our website, WinerySite.com and also in our weekly Wine Country Classifieds Publication if you choose "Print & Online" for your ad type.

Email and Website Links
If you would like your online ad to include a hyperlink to your email and/or website, please enter the appropriate information here. If you wish to include your website in the printed version of your ad in the publication please include your url in the ad text.

* A new feature of our improved Website allows advertisers selecting Help Wanted, Bulk Wine, Grapes, Barrels and Real Estate to include additional information that will be shown online only. Areas that are included online only are noted when completing the ad.
Once you have completed all of the above within Step 1 and 2, just click Price Ad to verify ad info, content and receive quote for your base ad cost for one week duration. If editing is needed, press the Back Button and you may then go back and edit the ad as many times as you like and follow the above directions to requote the base ad cost.

STEP # 3 - Confirm Ad and Select Ad Duration

Once you have settled on your ad title, ad text, and any special instructions, please select your ad duration and hit reprice this ad until you are happy with your selection. Then simply click the Buy This Ad button at the bottom of the page and proceed to Step #4 to enter customer contact, billing and payment information.

A one week insertion request receives no additional discount, however, additional insertions receive additional discounts up to 20%. Once you have purchased an ad, it may be cancelled and removed, however, refunds are not given for unused insertions. We recommend a minimum of 2-3 insertions for best results. Free Help Wanted Ads are "Online Only" and are given run time options up to 8 weeks in duration.

STEP # 4 - Payment Process

Our new website will store your contact information for you and allow you to set up a "log in" type account so that you don't have to go through this process again.

You have now entered a secure area for including the important information necessary for either collecting payment or for invoicing purposes. Please note that "required" fields are marked with an "*". Your advertisement cannot be purchased without all the information requested. After completing the appropriate information, simply click the Purchase this Ad button and you will automatically receive a confirmation and your ad will be sent to our administration department for approval and processing. If our team spots an edit need, they will contact you via phone, FAX or email with their comments.

**Editing an Already Placed Ad
Once you have completed the payment information and hit the Purchase this Ad button, you still have time to edit the ad before it is approved for inclusion, however, we ask that you not pursue editing through the "back" key method, as this action will essentially enter the ad in question twice into our system. At this point, it would be better for you to contact us with your requested correction by either emailing us through our "Contact" part of this site, or calling us toll free at 1-800-995-9463 (wine).

Placing a Banner Ad
WineIndustry.com currently offers a "rotational" banner ad placement program within several areas of our site. For pricing and further information, please contact us either via email or call us toll free at 1-800-995-9463 (wine).

Hyperlinks within Classified or Banner Advertisements
All classified and banner advertisements have the capability of "housing" hyperlinks to the respective advertisers website. Please note the information as requested and make a note in the special instructions and comment box provided. The surcharge for adding this hyperlink to a classified advertisement is automatically calculated within the "price the ad" function (Step 2).

Banner Ad Pricing
Our goal is to create a simplified pricing system for banner ads based on actual and projected traffic flows within the various areas of the site. If interested in receiving this information or if you would like to reserve a banner slot, please contact us by email or toll free at 1-800-995-9463 (wine).

Searching for a Classified Ad
WineIndustry.com offers two methods for searching for that specific piece of equipment, bulk wine, job or service. The first method offers a simple search engine located above the directory portion on each of the website pages. With this method, you can either search for ads solely by category from a drop down list or, if desired, you may type in a "key word" in the space provided. Then simply press go and wait for the ads to appear. Depending on the size of each ad, all or part of the ads within that search will appear. Simply click on the ad title as highlighted and this will take you to the ad in its entirety. WinerySite.com also offers a more "detailed search" as noted in the directory. This method allows for a more definitive approach using "and", "or" and "near" statements within the key word search function.

Do not, however, use the "containing" box to search for a category. The containing function only searches the ad title and its text, not the category the ad is in.
Paying for an Ad - Classified or Banner
If you have established good credit through previous advertising with our North American publication - Wine Country Classifieds - you may request that WineIndustry.com invoice you for the ad. If not, you may either pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express or make arrangements to pay with a check in advance of the ad placement.

Email Delivery
Email delivery is currently available daily for all new ads or weekly via a pdf file. Just click on the "email delivery" button in the directory and follow the instructions.

Contacting Us
If you are a first time user of WineIndsutry.com and are having difficulty, would like to give us some feedback, have ideas, etc. please don't hesitate to contact us, email us later at info@wineindustry.com, call us toll free at 1-800-995-9463 (wine) or Fax us at 707-967-5162. Please don't hesitate to provide us with your email for receiving communication regarding future improvements and additional services.


WineIndustry.com Classifieds
P.O. Box 389 St. Helena, CA 94574
U.S. Toll Free: 800-995-9463 Local: 707-967-5155 Fax: 707-967-5162
Email: info@wineindustry.com


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